Influential grandfather of the designer, a Guatemalan eccentric cowboy, dressed in vibrant cowboy attire stands proudly beside a two tone horse, embodying the spirit and heritage behind our brand.

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β„‘SSA EAKIN is a London-based brand that consists of artisanally crafted garments and home objects referencing the designer’s eccentric Guatemalan grandfather’s approach to dressing as the main influence for design. Through collaboration with artisans in Guatemala and the UK, this project contradicts fast production of clothing, as Issa Eakin delivers a made-to-order approach. Each project is released only when ideas percolate within the right amount of time. Through producing on this basis, we eliminate excess production and encourage repairs and alterations to extend the life of our pieces. Each of our projects is a themed body of work for wear, home, and display.

𝔐ELISSA EAKIN is the founder and designer behind Issa Eakin. Her work emphasises rich textures and sharp garment construction. From bubbled jacquard knitwear to western tailoring she pulls in the influences of her Latinx identity. Her graduate collection debuted at London Fashion Week in 2019 and is a British Fashion Council scholar. Eakin’s background is in pattern cutting, design, and fine art and has worked for brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Proenza Schouler, and Faustine Steinmetz. Issa Eakin has been featured on Vogue, Vogue Runway, Dazed Digital, Dazed Magazine, ShowStudio, ODDA and have been photographed by Nick Knight.

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